August 2006 - Blake Niemyjski

  • Creating your very own Windows Live Gadget

    When you plan on working with any Windows Live technology, the best place to stop first is There is a very nice step by step tutorial located here that will show you how to make a Windows Live Gadget step by step with code samples.

    After you get done creating your gadget the best thing to do would be to open it up with drip to detect memory leaks. On the bottom of drips website there are 5 links that you can view that will get you up to date on how to fix your code and find memory leaks. If your not feeling up to getting the lowdown on every aspect of memory leaks you could can check out the following site ( for a very quick walk-through on how to use drip and how to use set up your JavaScript code to help prevent leaks.

  • Visual Studio .Net 2003 Service Pack 1 Released!

    Microsoft has released SP1 for Visual Studio .Net 2003.  If you have 45 minutes free to read the list of bugs that were fixed in SP1 then click here.  If you’re developing .Net 1.1 applications then I highly recommend installing vs2003 SP1 now.

    Release Notes (SP1 Notes)

    Download (here)

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  • Adding ActiveX to your Windows Sidebar Gadgets: A Pictorial Tutorial

    Bruce Williams has taken the time to write up a three part tutorial with pictures on how to create and deploy a basic gadget using ActiveX and C++.  You would want to use ActiveX in your gadget to access anything that’s not currently implemented in the gadget API’s.

    Tutorial (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3)
  • Working with Community Server 2.1's CSS colors

    Over the past couple of days I have been working on completely reskinning this site. I recently parsed all of Community Server 2.1’s CSS files for the color hex codes. I have come across quite a bit of them. I’ve grouped them into color categories for everyone. I would highly recommend everyone replacing every color hex code with one color hex code for each category that I have listed below. From there you can get one color scheme that you like and apply it very easily across all of Community Server.


    light gray
    1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17
    #afa4bd #bbb #aaa #ccc #d5d5d5 #d7d7e5 #ddd #E2E2E2 #e6e6e6 #e9e9eb #eae9e1 #eee #efefef #f4f4f4 #f5f5f5 #f6f6f6 #f6f6f7


    medium gray

    1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
    #949595 #57566f #706f91 #7c7c94 #7d7d94 #8c8c8c #999 #667766


    heavy dark

    1 2 3 4 5 6
    #333 #444 #555 #666 #4b4b4b #334433


    dark blues

    1 2 3 4 5
    #00F #0046A0 #02469b #2557AD #47F


    light blues

    1 2



    1 2 3 4 5 6
    #698d73 #66bb66 #bbde79 #dbfe99 #d2e6bd #e2eecd



    1 2
    #600 #990000



    1 2
    #91723f #bb5503








    Download Community Server 2.1 .Net 2.0 (here) and the SDK (here).

  • Phalanger the new .Net Web Language. Welcome!

    I really haven't had the time lately to do very much, but I came across this interesting bit of news about the ability of php to run on the .Net Framework. Apparently they phpbb forums running on the .Net framework and that is really amazing.  Below is a quote describing what Phalanger really is.

    Phalanger is a new PHP implementation introducing the PHP language into the family of compiled .NET languages. It provides PHP applications an execution environment that is fast and extremely compatible with the vast array of existing PHP code. Phalanger maintains the way how PHP web applications are developed and deployed so that the user need not to learn and use the ASP.NET style of web development. Therefore, the migration from PHP interpreter to Phalanger is an easy and straightforward process.

    On the other hand, Phalanger comes with many improvements ranging from a major performance boost to source-free deployment and XML based hierarchical configuration. Besides, a few enhancements to the language introduced by the Phalanger version 2.0, called PHP/CLR, makes possible to use almost all .NET features including generics, LINQ, custom attributes, events and others directly from the PHP source code. By virtue of Phalanger, the PHP becomes a first class language for developing ASP.NET component-based web applications and web services, as well as console and WinForms applications. Since version 2.0, the Phalanger is also portable to the Mono platform to a large extent.

    Download Phalanger (Beta2)

    For more information on Phalanger visit the CodePlex Phalanger website here.

  • CSS optimization application review

    David from wrote up an interesting article that compares four different CSS optimization products (CSS Optimizer, Icey’s CSS Compressor, Flumpcakes CSS Optimizer, and CleanCSS).

    Even though you might not think that CSS Optimization is not that important. But it could mean the difference of 1 or 2 seconds for high-speed users or up to 5 or more seconds for dialup users.

    Here are the results of his tests on five different sites (, Slashdot, Filmsy, iBegin,, and ESPN).

    Condensed Table


    CSS Optimizer

    Icey Compressor


    Clean CSS


































     Quick Summary: Icey’s CSS Compressor came out on top.

    Click here to continue to the full article.

  • Were you considering adding Windows Contact integration into your application?

    If you are thinking about adding any Windows Contact features into your managed application you might want to think again. Currently there is no managed wrapper for the C\C++ API that is currently documented on MSDN.

    However if you wish to read a windows contact file into your application you’re in luck. The .Contact file is an XML document; Microsoft has released the Windows Contact Schema Element Definitions on MSDN for this XML document type.

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