October 2006 - Blake Niemyjski

  • Microsoft Application Verifier Version 3.3

    "Application Verifier is a runtime verification tool for unmanaged code that assists in quickly finding subtle programming errors that can be extremely difficult to identify with normal application testing.

    Application Verifier is designed specifically to detect and help debug memory corruptions and critical security vulnerabilities. It makes it easier to create reliable applications by monitoring an application's interaction with the Windows operating system, profiling its use of objects, the registry, the file system, and Win32 APIs (including heaps, handles, locks, and more). It also includes checks to predict how well the application will perform under Least-privileged User Account operation, compatibility tests to be used in logoing, and print tests to verify your usage of the print subsystem.

    Running Application Verifier is easy; simply turn on the tool then run your project and go through your normal testing scenarios with a debugger attached. When your tests are completed, view the Application Verifier logs for any errors that may have been detected.

    Download ( here

  • ASP.Net Ajax Finally emerges!

    Last month Scott Guthrie staid that "Atlas" was going to have a new name, you can read more on that here. Microsoft last night launched ASP.NET Ajax v1.0 Beta.

    As one Microsoft employee stated "This is quite a significant jump in the product shipping cycle and brings it one step closer to being released with out any 'CTP' or 'Beta' suffix!"(Mark Johnston)


    For more information on ASP.NET Ajax and how to download it, please visit (http://ajax.asp.net)

  • How to make a UI "smarter".

        First off, I would like to clarify how bad I am at making UI's (User Interfaces).  It never has been my specialty, but I know when I come across a UI that hasn't been thought out for the consumers needs. Since I'm a gamer I'd like to show you a UI from (Valve Software) that I really am disgusted with, but am forced to use it.


     If you notice, that none of the filters are filled in and everything is being displayed correctly.


     This is where things start getting a little worse. If you select the game that you want to play, then shouldn't the "Game" Column in the Sever Browser be removed?


    I think that valve could spend a little bit more time on the UI, and make it more "Smarter." Remove the columns that shouldn't be displayed due to the applied filter(s), and auto adjust the columns to remove the excess in whitespace.

    All images are from Valve, © 2006 Valve Corporation.

  • Are your applications ready for Windows Vista?

    The last beta build of Windows Vista has been released to the public. If you’re developing any applications where your intended audience will be using Windows Vista, then this is the time to download Windows Vista before it goes RTM (Released to Manufactures).  Any applications that run on Vista RC1/RC2 (Release Candidate), will be certain to work with the RTM version that’s expected to be released very soon.

    Some of the cool things to check out once you have Windows Vista up and running is the following: IIS7, .Net 3.0, UAC, and many other Improvements. 


    Please be sure to check out Channel9's screencast section, There you will find quite a few interesting videos on UAC, and many other Vista related programming screencasts.

    Download( Windows Vista Here )

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