June 2007 - Blake Niemyjski

  • Anyone wanna play a round of musical offices?

    Today was a lot of fun, have you ever heard about musical chairs? How about musical offices? That's right! I was lucky enough to play musical offices today! W00T! I believe Telligent owns the patent on this game.

    During all of this, Andrew and I wrote the code for a custom control in the Ping Pong and game room number 2. I'm really glad that I own a laptop.

    Tomorrow most of Telligent is taking the day off to play paint ball. It is going to be a blast, I can't wait to actually play some paint ball, because it's been a while since I got my paint ball gun out and played. So hopefully I can own in paint ball the same amount that I can in Counter Strike.


  • Mole!

    The task engine has been completed, and I sure do notice when a bulk insert is running because we currently have my machine running as the main SQL Server. This week were focusing on the UI, Charting and such things like that.

    There was so much drama at Telligent today. One might have thought that Telligent was actually the CIA, seeking out a mole in the organization. One might ask who that mole was, it was Adam, and he even had me his roommate fooled. I can't wait to see what pranks the very intelligent and technical people at Telligent will do to him.


    Tonight, Ryan, Adam and I finally got to go to Culvers and get some custard, burgers and some cheese curds. It was decent but nothing like the culvers at home. You would think that since it is now a chain restaurant that everything would be the same across the board. But that is not the case. The burgers and cheese curds were good but not exactly the same as back home.

  • Cloudy

    We all knew that we would need to rewrite the task framework; it was somewhat messy and needed an overhaul. Ryan Hoffman and I overhauled it last night in a few hours. So this morning we quickly fixed most of the queries to use the new engine. Let me be the first to say, these tasks are quick!

    However there are some tasks need to update data that was imported previously (counters and other such data). In order to do this we needed to add a method and update the old data, however after about two hours of getting into this task, I needed to give my brain a break.

    In other news, Rick Reszler will be coming down to Dallas for a week on Thursday. Hopefully he is on my Paintball team!

  • Our first review day!

    Today at our scrum meeting Jason Alexander told us that we would be reviewing Tattletale to Scott Watermasysk and Rob Howard after lunch. So we spent a part of the day cleaning up the code (which was needed a little bit).  Soon we realized when we were testing our reports during the cleanup, that someone updated our db schema and deleted some tables, and that we would need to rerun the tasks. For some reason the tasks took especially long time to complete. So during our demo we didn't have too many reports to show off. It was sure nice to see that Rob and Jason were surprised by our progress. Some of us may be Intern coders, but we do love to eat and dream about code like all the rest of you.  

    Last night me and Ryan Hoffman sat down and rewrote the Task migration framework in a couple of hours. Previously it had taken over 30 minutes for this one Itask, however it now uses BCP (SqlBulkCopy). Let me tell you, what used to take 30 plus minutes now takes less than 10 seconds.

  • Houston: We have t-minus two months!

    I really cannot believe that a month has passed since I arrived in Texas. The internship is 33% completed and it seems like three percent.

    Today we cranked out reports and we only have two left. Everyone thought that it was going to take three days to write one report. However, Andrew and I have written twenty plus reports in one week! The same goes for the rest of the gang. I hope when Jason Alexander gets back the interns are the first to show him what we have done.

    I am going to relax this weekend and just catch up on some sleep. I hope that everyone reading this gets that chance also.


  • SELECT PostTitle AS 'This Is An Okay Title' FROM Tattletale_ForumData WHERE PostTitle IS NOT NULL

    Today was another dreadful day of having problems with the task framework. We wrote four blog reports today, which is not nearly the amount that we have written in the past, but overall today I think I got a lot accomplished.

    We all meet around 11:00 am this morning for our SCRUM meeting; a little late due to Ado had other meetings to attend to. We recognized that we had a few priority ten tasks that needed to be completed today. One task that I took was to Write debug statements in our task framework. So when we run our Task Framework we get the current status written to console. I also took someone else's task and implemented SQL Transactions.  I ran into a hiccup but quickly fixed that (thanks to Karthik Hariharan)

    I think SQL Transactions are pretty cool. They allow you to Commit() changes to a database if nothing goes wrong. And if something goes wrong during any of your queries. You can easily Rollback() your changes to how it was before you executed some, or all of your queries.

    Today for lunch, Granite, the company who Telligent rents from, catered for all the people who work in the building. Seems like we have been getting food left and right lately, to bad this isn't college :)

  • Microsoft SQL Server 2008 JUNE CTP Released

    Today Microsoft released the first CTP of SQL Server 2008. Be sure to download and try it out.

    "Microsoft SQL Server 2008, the next release of Microsoft SQL Server, provides a comprehensive data platform that is more secure, reliable, manageable and scalable for your mission critical applications, while enabling developers to create new applications that can store and consume any type of data on any device, and enabling all your users to make informed decisions with relevant insights."


    Read More (Microsoft SQL Server 2008)

    Download (Microsoft SQL Server 2008)

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