June 2007 - Blake Niemyjski

  • The day the JOIN(s) died.

    After arriving to work with we started estimating how long our reports would take to complete. Little did we all know that we would run into problems soon enough. Telligent supplied us with a delicious and much appreciated breakfast this morning. After Ryan, Adam and I came back from lunch; we opened our car door and then heard a massive sound coming from Mother Nature. Right after this happened Adam said maybe we should go back and unplug some things. Ryan then said no we will be okay. It was amazing how so much fury could be unleashed with no warning what so ever. Ryan called me up when he got back to the apartment after work and told me that one of his laptops got fried, his router, and my TV Tuner that he was using.

    For those of you who don't know yet. The Community Server team launched Community Server 2007 SP2 yesterday. I think the list of fixes surpasses SP1 by a long shot. So everyone go and update your site now!

    One can't go a day around here without learning something around here, which is GREAT! Ado showed Andrew and I how to do some sweet SQL queries to get exactly the data we needed without doing INNER JOIN(s). So last night, I stayed late and rewrote a bunch of queries to remove all the JOIN(s). I sped up one query that took around 50 seconds (Yes that is a really long time...) down to about one second just by removing a bunch of JOIN(s) on a query that ran against about 70,000 rows multiple times due to JOIN(s).

  • Reports and Game night!

    Today, we got into the office and worked on reports all day, we found a few flaws in our framework and made the necessary changes. This week we all have been estimating and recalculating how long it will take us to get the reports done. I like that we are doing this, so in future references when a client asks us how long something will take. We can estimate to the best of our abilities how long something should take and bill them accordingly.

    Last night, the employees of Telligent had a game night and Telligent supplied the Pizza (yes Ryan and Adam, Pizza Hut Delivers in Texas and Wisconsin...). We had wow cards (Go figure!), NFL 07, NHL 07, and Counter Strike: Source. Overall it was a blast, and can't wait till next month's gaming night. I was told by someone that I have downloaded hacks… LOL get good… just kidding J

  • Warm weather rocks!

    I am happy to be back in Texas because it removed some of the distressing memories that were occurring at home. I woke up at 1:30 am on Sunday morning in order to get ready for my return to Dallas. The three hour drive was a little much considering my plane took off at 6:00 am. After flying through another turbulent flight, we touched down in around 8:20 am. From there Ryan came and picked me up and we went back to the apartment. It is pretty nice to leave 50-60 degree weather for 80 degree weather.

        Adam, Ryan and I decided that we would go and see Oceans 13 last night. It was an okay movie, but is not going on my recommended list of movies to see. I understood the whole plot unlike Adam, it is just that there wasn't very much action or suspense.

        Today, Andrew became my new partner. He and I really rocked the reports. And I feel that we could be done by Friday, even though this is not the case. J Telligent brought in some pretty good Mexican food for its employees. I really liked the food as I've never had some of the items that were on the menu.

        I started using Safari as my main browser. I can't believe it was released to the web! Honestly, I knew that it had been ported to the 8086 platform, but no idea that Apple was going to release it as a fully fledged Windows product. I can't wait to see Firefox's market share go down and Apples vulnerabilities go up. It's about time that Security firms can compare three hugely competing Companies products that run on the Windows operating system, purely based on how secure it is.

        Telligent has launched its first podcast, hopefully many more will follow. If you pay close attention to the introduction of the podcast, you will find Ryan Hoffman and me. J

  • ASP.NET AJAX Control Toolkit Update


    I love seeing updates to the ASP.NET AJAX Control Toolkit; I've always been on the lookout for updates to ASP.NET AJAX. There are various AJAX add in solutions, but I think this one is by far the most popular. Do not forget to bookmark the AJAX Control Toolkit project on Microsoft's codeplex website.

    "Yesterday the ASP.NET AJAX Control Toolkit team released an updated version. You can download it from the http://ajax.asp.net web-site, and run samples built with it on the online samples page here.

    The ASP.NET AJAX Control Toolkit is a free download and contains more than 40 additional AJAX controls and components that work on top of the core ASP.NET AJAX 1.0 release. In addition to having Microsoft developers contribute, the project also has more than 15 non-Microsoft contributors adding great features and controls.

    You can download either a binary version of the ASP.NET AJAX Control Toolkit to use (just add to your toolbox and you are good to go), or you can download the source for the project itself and tweak/extend it if you want (all source is released under a permissive license allowing you to make your own modifications to it).

    New ToolkitScriptCombiner Support

    One of the biggest improvements with this toolkit release is support for a new "ToolkitScriptCombiner" control. This control allows you to replace the default <asp:scriptmanager> control behavior, and supports the ability to dynamically merge multiple client-side JavaScript scripts into a single file that is downloaded to the client at runtime. Better yet, only the JavaScript needed by the specific controls on the page are included within the combined download, to make it as small as possible.

    The big benefit with this feature is that is can significantly reduce the number of JavaScript files the browser needs to download, as well as reduce the overall download size of the scripts. This can provide some really nice performance and load-time wins on pages. Best of all - you don't need to change any code or refactor any script yourself to take advantage of this.

    Other ASP.NET AJAX Control Toolkit Improvements

    This week's release contains a number of other new improvements, including:

    • More than 125 bug fixes
    • Extended client side event support - new client side event handler extensibility points are available with common toolkit server controls
    • ASP.NET Validation Controls now work with the Toolkit Controls
    • Accessibility fixes: Slider and AutoComplete have support for high contrast and other controls have JAWS accessibility support built-in when doing AJAX callbacks.
    • Animation support: More toolkit controls now have generic animation support built-in
    • Nice design mode improvements for the controls, including: 1) designer support for the TabContainer. You can now select/add/remove tabs within the tabcontainer directly from the designer, and you can directly edit the content and the title, 2) page methods can now automatically be generated for those extender controls that call web-services, 3) nice icon support within the toolbox."

    Source (New ASP.NET AJAX Control Toolkit Release)

  • Looking for a Mission Critical Operating System?

    During my daily reading this afternoon, the following post on blogs.msdn.com caught my eye. Apparently NASA uses XP on some of its mission critical machines. Someone at Microsoft managed to snap the following picture from a TV screen at the Houston Mission Control Center.


    Source (http://blogs.msdn.com/lokeuei)

    I find it ironic that NASA has had security problems in the past. Yet they still have not upgraded to the "most secure system to date" Windows Vista.

    I came across another XP story today that was kind of surprising. Apparently major companies in Russia, who rely on XP to make money, don't feel like paying for a license or at least activating there copy. I can't think of any other reason why a production ATM machine would not be activated.


    Source (http://www.engadget.com)

  • Back in Wisconsin.

    Yesterday I didn't have time to write a blog post, so here it is :). I focused on hooking up the web services so we could get onto the next task of writing reports. Telligent supplied its employee's with pigs in a blanket for breakfast. It was really good. I had a lot of fun yesterday at work, it just seemed like everything was fitting into place.

    I flew out around 5:30 after our airplane had to deal with customs for EVER before flying us to our destination. I finally returned home around midnight and I am pretty jet lagged out this morning. :\ One thing I always seem to notice and enjoy when returning from a different state is the smell of being home. Not necessarily home, but the state itself. It's hard for me to describe but when returning home from an extended period of time of being away . It just smells so good :)

  • The Perfect Day!

    Today was such a beautiful day! We walked outside our apartment this morning and the weather was so perfect it felt surreal. This morning we got introduced to our stand in project manager ado who will be filling in next week. I also exchanged my phone that split in two for a PPC-6700.

    For lunch Delia and Laura took Adam, Ryan, and I out to Potbelly's for some delicious food. And we all talked about our roller coaster experiences. It was a really good time.

    I spent sometime today working on the User Interface and also worked on the business layer. It was pretty fun.  I like how our projects coming together overall, it is going to be a very robust product when it gets done! Adam also had a fun experience in the email area! ;)


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