Paintball: where techies of all ages become kids.

On Friday, Telligent gave everyone the day off to play paintball.  I had a lot of fun playing, and enjoyed seeing people older than me running, and diving into a new "safe area."  I'm guessing a lot of Telligenti including myself were sore for the remainder of the weekend.  The soreness was definitely worth it; thanks Telligent!

After riding into work today with Rick Reszler, we noticed that Adam had a new office. I think he would have been in the extremely small closet all day if his computer had an internet connection. I feel like today was very productive, I worked on charting and getting everything to work dynamically. Also, I implemented sorting into the sidebar.

I really want to see peoples' first impression of Enterprise Reporting when it is released.  The biggest payoff to me is seeing that I truly helped someone.

Over the weekend, I reviewed a few Visual Studio 2005 add-ins that I use daily; you can read that article here.

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