Stormy weather returns.

Dallas normally doesn't get to much rain during the summer, so it must be something out of the ordinary for the locals. I kind of like it because the rain brings down the overall temperature.

Everyone continued working on SQL queries for the reports today. I am noticing that I have no problem writing SQL statements.  Howdy and I are learning tips and tricks as we progress through the queries.  I really wish that colleges would teach SQL to students in the Computer Science major.  I'm betting that will happen as soon as they start teaching the Windows API's.

I really want to make it to the ASP.NET SIG presentation tonight. I think tonight's topic of "Building Middle Tier Solutions with VS 2005" is pretty interesting.

Before I forget, thanks Candace! For making me think today was Wednesday ;) and the delicious Kolache's and donuts for breakfast. They were amazing.

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