STORM! We do not own an amphibious car.


I had my first bagel today; I don’t ever recall having one before, so if I did it was way long ago. I thought they the beagles that I ate were pretty delicious.

Howdy and I are getting pretty good at writing some fairly complex SQL queries.  I think that by the time this internship is over.  I can pretty much sit down and write any query that I could think of off the top of my head. Except for a few, I know that I will not be even close to knowing as much as a regular DBA. They should be allowed to work on jet engines, just kidding.  In my mind, SQL has so many little tips and tricks that it’s hard for one person to know them all.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen it rain so much consistently. Today when we were driving home I thought our car was going to float away.  I wonder what all the Texans are doing with all the time they are saving by not having to go out and work an extra hour to pay for the water they use.  This has a deadly chain reaction, because they have to spend time wasting the water that they worked for on the yard.


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