Visual Studio 2008: Smarter Intellisense

Scott Guthrie showed off some new features that he's recently learned. This feature is new to Visual Studio and has been one that I have been waiting for since Visual Studio .NET 2003. Have you ever been typing and needed to look at something behind Intellisense?


It happens to me quite a bit since I started using Visual Studio .NET 2003.


Now while Intellisense is being displayed, one can hit the control key and the Intellisense becomes transparent. Once the control key is let up, it's restored to its previous state.

Also, one new thing that Scott showed off was the ability to "Remove Unused Usings". This feature is included in the Visual Studio add-in ReSharper. However, Visual Studio 2008 takes it a step further and allows you to "Sort Usings", and "Remove and Sort".


Source ( Nice VS 2008 Code Editing Improvements )

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