Caching and What It Can Do For Your Product

Today I updated Community Server Enterprise Reporting caching framework to use Telligent's updated caching framework.  This updated caching framework is truly amazing; it can handle many more requests and data than the previous version.

After updating Community Server Enterprise Reporting, I started to see if the caching framework could handle more than what we were previously testing. Let me be the first to say that you can run every report we have and cache all of it with ease.

I believe that anyone who uses Community Server Enterprise Reporting will appreciate not having to wait that extra few milliseconds for a report to be generated. The great thing about this new caching framework is it is also going to be in the next release of Community Sever. So if you don't get to check out Community Server Enterprise Reporting caching, you will definitely notice it whenever you visit a site running an updated version of Community Sever.


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