During the past week we had a hack-a-thon event at Telligent headquarters.  At the beginning of the week, I kept hearing small snippets of Graffiti. So I asked Jason Alexander what it was, and even though he was secretive about it. All he said is that it's a CMS solution.

During our hack-a-thon, Graffiti was shown off to all the Telligenti who were in town, most of us had no clue that Graffiti even existed. You might ask what Graffiti is? Graffiti is a very lightweight platform where any user can create a new theme or widget very easily. From here they can rearrange the whole layout of their site with a few easy clicks.

Seeing how everything you could think of was so easy to do in Graffiti, Ken and I decided that Graffiti needed an installer that anyone could use. If anyone can create a theme easily and configure Graffiti easily, then they should be able to install Graffiti without picking up a manual.

I'm sure everyone will hear about Graffiti in the near future so keep on the lookout.


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