November 2008 - Blake Niemyjski

  • .netTiers 2.3.0 Beta 2

    The .netTiers team released .netTiers 2.3.0 Beta 2 today.  .netTiers 2.3.0 is a maintenance release containing many bug fixes and patches. We have also added various requested features like Enterprise Library version 4.1 as well as support for Visual Studio 2008. I would have to say the biggest and most requested feature that went into .netTiers 2.3.0 Beta 2 was support for Oracle!

    Here is a list of all the changes since .netTiers 2.3.0 Beta 1:

                    - Changed Build numbers to reflect version 2.3 Beta 2
                    - [Issue #118] Adding a separator template to the TableRepeater.cst / ViewRepeater.cst (Contrib pzycoman).
                    - [Fix] OracleClient Views classes were not named correctly for DependentUpon.
                    - [Issue #115] Web service data layer is not using the generic client
                    - [Issue #126] WinForms Edit controls do not have the Name property set (Contrib stevehiner).
                    - [Issue #128] Bound Hyperlink fields on nullable data column (Contrib Michael Daniel).
                    - [Issue #132] Support for IsolationLevel.Snapshot.
                    - [Issue #116] Added SET NOCOUNT ON to the SQL procedures.
                    - [Fix] A bug where the entlib v4_1 config template was not registered.
                    - [Issue #129] A bug where the Validation Type would always be set to entlib 4.0 when the validation type was switched.
                    - Updated default template values.
                    - [Fix] Drop all procedures by different schema owners. (Contrib Polar)
                    - [Fix] Major bug in GetProcNameForGetByIX... Oracle Proc names should all be unique and meet the 30 character limit.
                    - Updated Oracle Stored Procedures naming conventions and fixed a bug where a ; might be placed in a wrong spot.
                    - Other Small Oracle Fixes.
                    - [Fix] A bug where the EntityTransactionModule wasn't being resolved properly in the web.config.
                    - Updated Oracle :)
                    - [Issue #123] Added Enterprise Library 4.1 support (contrib james.patterson).
                    - Updated Oracle Stored Procedures ( Made minor tweaks, fixed SCOPE_IDENTITY() bug ).
                    - Updated Oracle Stored Procedures
                    - Completed Oracle Stored Procedures,
                    - Updated XML Comments in CommonSqlCode code behind.
                    - Updated CommonSqlCode so it works with the latest build of CodeSmith 5
                    - [Issue #112] - Entity Tracking enhancements(entity tracking not working correctly in some cases), Entity Tracking performance improvements(minor)
                    - [Issue #111] - Custom Procedures with output parameters causing problems with WebServices
                    - [Issue #107] - Problems with IncludeFind options
                    - [Issue #102] - ViewDataSource didn't handle the custom stored procedures paging correctly
                    - [Issue #89] - Utility.cs in DataAccessLayer, SqlInjection --> DetectSqlInjection(string whereClause) returns always true (contrib fred.theuws)
                    - [Issue #74] - EntLib Validation - WCF attribute generation
                    - [Issue #15] - ConnectionProvider is not initialized correctly (contrib GRAW)
                    - [Issue #8] - CancelChanges() on Entity causes exceptions
                    - Updated Oracle Support.  All procedures are 100% working besides, for Find procedures and paged procedures. (Coming Soon)
                    - Updated CommonSqlCode to use the ParameterPrefix.
                    - Fixed some Generic Provider related bugs in the NetTiers.cst
                    - [FIX] - Updated View Providers!!!
                    - [Issue #46] - Added a NetTiers option to set whether or not custom procedures with multiple results will return the Custom return type or attempt to match to the Table / View to return a TList or VList.
                    - [Issue #87] - EntityState is Added after WCF serialization
                    - [Issue #86] - Layer Exception Policy not named properly in ServiceLayer
                    - [Issue #95] - ServiceResult now showing errors properly (contrib gregpakes)
                    - [ENH] - Added Initial Support for Oracle. More Will come shortly... NOTE: It seems that the View Provider Support is broken if you are not using SQL Server.
                    - [Issue #39] - ***BREAKING CHANGE***: Changed the AppendId to be able to handle ' and , in the search string.  Instead of passing in a string, you now pass in a string[] of what you want the in clause to contain.
                    - [Issue #82] - .netTiers Templates through null exception error when used with CodeSmith 5.0

                    - [Issue #72] - Stored procedures where dynamic sql is generated, switched to using VARCHAR(MAX) for Sql 2005 (contrib gregpakes)
                    - [Issue #77] - Changed the Windows Forms library option description
                    - [Issue #81] - Timestamp columns with special characters caused an error (contrib njappboy)
                    - [Issue #28] [FIX] Warnings when compiling under VS2008. Removed duplicate methods. (contrib sisyphe)
                    - [Issue #65] [FIX] Exception thrown using custom generated methods when not using stored procedures.
                    - [Issue #57] [FIX] TList.FindAllBy and VList.FindAllBy throws NullReferenceException if searching for null property (contrib PhilBolduc)
                    - [Issue #66] [FIX] .netTiers Fails to generate adventureworks when executed with CodeSmith 5.0 Beta

                    - [Issue #56] [FIX] Entity fails to compile when using Guid as primary key (contrib johnyewang)
                    - [Issue #57] [FIX] FindCore throws NullReferenceException if searching for null property (contrib PhilBolduc)
                    - [Issue #54] [FIX] Logo and links are dead / need to be updated.
                    - [Issue #53] [FIX] fix for Services layer generated save methods always commit transaction - even if it is part of a larger transaction

                    - [Issue #51] [FIX] Patch implemented in Issue 25 breaks SQL 2000 Insert statements that use UniqueIdentifier primary keys with newid() default values.  Added checks to stored procedure generation to make sure SQL 2005 is selected.  Refactored IncludeDataFeaturesProperty into CommonSqlCode.cs.

    You can download the 2.3.0 Beta 2 templates at the following locations: SVN or Google code. Please submit all bug reports to

  • Tips & Tricks: Connecting to an Oracle Schema with CodeSmith

    Sometimes User interfaces can't provide a solution for every scenario where you might need additional functionality by customization.  One area where you might come across this is if you're trying to use Oracle on an 64bit machine or in a custom Oracle instance. If you are running Windows XP there is a good chance you can get away with using the built in Connection Editor and use CodeSmith to connect to your Oracle Schema.

    If this doesn't work you may be scratching your head and thinking you are out of luck. The good news is your not.  You will need to use a modified connection string that the Connection Properties UI doesn't account for.

    "This is another type of Oracle connection string that doesn't rely on you to have a DSN for the connection. You create a connection string based on the format used in the tnsnames.ora file without the need to actually have one of these files on the client pc" (

    You will need to manually configure this connection string using the initial Data Source User Interface's Connection String Text Box.  Below is an example of using an TNS-Less (Transparent Network Substrate) connection string.


    Here is a link that contains technical information for the TNS-Less connection string. For a complete list of available oracle connection strings please visit the following site.;
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