July 2009 - Blake Niemyjski

  • CodeSmith CSLA Templates v1.0 released!

    Over a week ago we released our new CSLA Templates. I highly recommend everyone that uses CSLA to try them out as they will save you a ton of time. Also you'll notice very quickly that it follows the CSLA best practices and has other features that you have been looking for like a working Data Access Layer (DAL). The best part is that you won't have to worry about learning something new (the generated code) if you are already familiar with the CSLA Framework.

    Noteable features:

    • Working data access layer with concurrency support.
    • Support for completely overriding the generated rules.
    • Generates three partial classes per business object.
    • Generates a common business, data and UI layer.
    • Quick start.
    • Implements all 14 object types.
    • Detects and generates properties and child objects for the following database relationships (One to Zero or One, One to One, One to Many, Many to One, Many to Many).
    • All DateTime data types are generated as Csla.SmartDate
    • Correctly handles Binary Database fields (E.G Images, TimeStamp)

    Download the templates

    Download the PetShop sample application

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