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  • Got Posters?

    Chris Bowen’s did a search last month for all posters available on Microsoft Downloads. This is what he found: .NET 3.5 Namespaces Poster The .NET Framework 3.5 Common Namespaces and Types Poster Visual Basic 2008 Keybinding Poster Printable wall poster containing list of useful keyboard shortcuts for...
    Posted to Blake Niemyjski (Weblog) by Blake Niemyjski on 01-23-2008
  • ASP.NET AJAX Control Toolkit Update

    I love seeing updates to the ASP.NET AJAX Control Toolkit; I've always been on the lookout for updates to ASP.NET AJAX. There are various AJAX add in solutions, but I think this one is by far the most popular. Do not forget to bookmark the AJAX Control Toolkit project on Microsoft's codeplex...
    Posted to Blake Niemyjski (Weblog) by Blake Niemyjski on 06-09-2007
  • ASP.Net Ajax Finally emerges!

    Last month Scott Guthrie staid that "Atlas" was going to have a new name, you can read more on that here . Microsoft last night launched ASP.NET Ajax v1.0 Beta. As one Microsoft employee stated " This is quite a significant jump in the product shipping cycle and brings it one step closer...
    Posted to Blake Niemyjski (Weblog) by Blake Niemyjski on 10-20-2006
  • 10 Programming Languages everyone should learn.

    I found this article over at a few days ago and found it to be worthy of posting. 1. PHP What it is: An open-source, interpretive, server-side, cross-platform, HTML scripting language, especially well-suited for Web development as it can be embedded into HTML pages. Why you should learn it...
    Posted to Blake Niemyjski (Weblog) by Blake Niemyjski on 09-17-2006
  • Creating your very own Windows Live Gadget

    When you plan on working with any Windows Live technology, the best place to stop first is . There is a very nice step by step tutorial located here that will show you how to make a Windows Live Gadget step by step with code samples. After you get done creating your gadget the best thing...
    Posted to Blake Niemyjski (Weblog) by Blake Niemyjski on 08-27-2006
  • AJAX + Java = Great|Not so great|?

    For those of you who are writing java applications. I came across this article this morning about using Ajax and java together. I wish I had the time to work with java and add Ajax into my application, and let everyone know how this works before posting this article but that’s just not possible...
    Posted to Blake Niemyjski (Weblog) by Blake Niemyjski on 08-08-2006
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